About Me

Hi, I'm glad you're so interested! Quick intro: I've been a software engineer for a little over 2 years now, loving every minute and always learning what I can.

My background

I've been programming since I was a kid -- building little hacks and mods for video games. One of the first programs that I ever built was a "virus" that I put on my parent's computer, which allowed me to open and close their CD-drive remotely from my computer by clicking a button.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Michigan State University (Dec 2017), with a minor in Computer Science. I got my first job as a software engineer at an insurance tech company in Denver, CO called Vertafore right after that, starting in Feb 2018. I worked there until moving out to San Diego, CA with my girlfriend in mid-2019, where I started at Airspace!

What I do for work

I'm a software engineer at this awesome startup called Airspace Technologies. We're a time-critical logistics company that focuses on technology -- building a platform that outperforms anything that's ever existed in the industry (by a lot!).

What I do for fun

I love being outdoors! Lots of camping, hiking, backpacking, and otherwise traveling. I'm a photographer, but am not great with photoshop (yet). I've gotten really good at a couple (somewhat) obscure video games, and I love tinkering with all kinds of things to understand how they work.

I also absolutely love creating fun software, and coming up with new ideas. I'm always thinking of new things to build!

© Jacob Kania